At last taken the plunge and upgraded nearly all our computers to Win10 - not as bad as I had feared.  Some old CAD stuff now runs on a virtual XP box and seems to be as fast as it ever was when running on real hardware.  Still have one Win7 box though - just can't let it go!  By the way, if you are using Atmel Studio 7 on windows 10 with a standard user account (of course you never user an administrator account as an everyday account do you?) you need to tweak the compatibility setting to "Run as Administrator" to avoid locking up as tight as Fort Knox (only forced power off will recover)

The 433MHz transceiver is back from manufacture and under test.  Some problems with the Atmel mega controlling it, but all should be sorted soon.  The Sigfox boards are back and I should have some of those to test next week.

Managed to design a domestic sprinkler tester as well, so this year is off to a racing start.

Pictures soon once I have cleared it with the customers.