About Kilhamaig Design

Kilhamaig Design is just me.  I have been designing electronics professionally since I was 17, that's a long time ago.  I have worked in Medical, Automotive and general product design.  I will design almost anything that is not intended to kill or maim!  From analogue, RF, digital, software to PCB layout I can start with a blank piece of paper, write a specification and create the product.  I have close contacts with local contract manufacturing and industrial design.

CV Summary

My experience at a high level in the product design environment has allowed me to develop excellent customer and commercial skills.  I bring a creative, rigorous and disciplined approach to the product design process.  I have an unusually broad and detailed knowledge of electronics and manufacturing processes combined with a good understanding of mechanical design.  DFM is practically instinctive.  I have good problem solving skills and often produce solutions that are patentable.

An experienced designer and manager with expertise ranging from precision analogue and RF to compact assembler coding and PCB layout
Proven leadership skills - winner of Lucas Automotive manager of the year
More than 20 years experience of working to QS9000
Excellent written and verbal communicator
Very PC literate, fluent with Microsoft Office Suite, Orcad Capture, Layout, Pspice, Eagleware RF Simulation software.  Some experience of HPFSS and Microwave Office.
Good spoken French