Braun Toothbrush

Sometimes projects are close to home.  In this case a Braun manufactured toothbrush, Oral B Sonic Complete, had given up the ghost.  Normally it is the NiCads which fail and indeed over the previous few months it had needed more frequent recharging than I remembered.  I duly purchased some new batteries from my favourite auction site.  After fitting and charging, still no joy.  I removed the PCB and realized that the track to the switch had corroded through.  I washed the board in warm water to remove any corrosion products, dried carefully and replaced the damaged track with a length of 0.3mm enamel wire.  All was sweetness and delight.  £8.50 for new batteries against nearly £50 for a new toothbrush.  Here is a picture of the repair, the arrow showing the corroded track.  I ran the wire through the via directly to the switch as the via looked a little dodgy and re-varnished both sides of the board, taking care not to varnish the switch!