Drying Your Mobile

Now here is an interesting thing, I dropped my mobile in the toilet a while back, no that's not the interesting thing, be patient.  Fortunately the toilet was freshly flushed.  I whipped the phone out of the water, removed the battery and shook off a few drops of water.  The phone had been in a leather case so it had only got very slightly wet. I popped it on top of a radiator to dry for a couple of days.  As you probably know there is a little marker on the phone and on the battery that changes colour if it gets wet, so it's no good taking it back to the shop and saying "Seems to have stopped working, can't understand it..."

Anyway after a couple of days on the radiator it seemed pretty dry so I fired it up again.  It worked fine, but the display was streaky, disappointing.  So it was a new phone after all.  I can't bear throwing things away so I pondered for a while.  Perhaps it wasn't completely dry.  (interesting thing coming up) I decided to bake it.  I reckoned that a good few hours at 50°C should really dry it out.  I set the oven thermostat to 50°C and checked the temperature with my thermocouple meter.  Well it wandered about a lot, but never got hotter than 60°C, so I decided to give it a go.  Ten hours later, after letting it cool down, I fired it up again.  It was perfect (interesting I thought) and has been as good as gold for the past month (That's now seven months) .

If you decide to try this you must check the oven temperature, domestic oven thermostats are notoriously inaccurate.  Of course it might not work, could possibly wreck your phone (isn't it wrecked already though?) You must remove the battery and SIM before baking.  I notice that on my phone the battery is rated to 60°C, but lithium cells have a poor sense of humour and may burst into flames if you get them too hot. It has to be worth a try, much better than adding more to the WEE heap.